Tomahawk Desert Fox Tomahawk Thunderstorm Tomahawk 'SS'
These are the remarkable longbows that started it all. So well designed, powerful, and stable, that from the very beginning they were recognized by the traditional archery community and bowhunters everywhere as something truly special. This launched Tomahawk Bows® to the forefront of quality custom bows everywhere. Tomahawk Bows® are now famous for their unrivaled combination of speed, smoothness, stability, and lack of hand shock. The secret is in the design. Unique "trapped" deflex/reflex limb profile and a special core of two inner edge-grain laminations with two outer flat-grain laminations provide the ultimate combination of inner strength and outer beauty. There's a reason we call Tomahawk Bows®, the "Best of the Best"™. Shoot one and you'll understand why these longbows are prized possessions in the hands of serious bowhunters everywhere. Experience the thrill and satisfaction of owning one of the best longbows ever made. Order your own Tomahawk Bow® today.
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