Tomahawk Bows™ Testamonials

Hi, I’m Dale Karch. As you might expect, I’m a big fan of my Tomahawk Bows™, but let me tell you what really means the world to me. I get a kick out of hearing from the many Tomahawk Bow™ owners when they share their success photos, hunting stories, and other letters of encouragement with us. I thought you’d enjoy some of them as well.
Dale Karch

I’ve shot a lot of longbows in the last 40 years and, in my opinion, Tomahawk longbows are among the very finest bows offered anywhere. This javalina never knew what hit him. That’s what I’m T-Hawkin’ about!
Denny Sturgis Jr.,Michigan

It's always been a dream of mine to hunt whitetail deer in Northern Saskatchewan. The opportunity came as a 50th Birthday present and I couldn't have been more excited. Exercising patience after 2 eleven-hour days in below zero weather, the third afternoon brought an unexpected shot opportunity. When that incredible moment came, my Tomahawk Takedown “SS” performed flawlessly. Smooth drawing, quick, fast, and hard-hitting, the Tomahawk allowed me the extra edge to harvest an exceptional 10-point +147 P&Y Whitetail. Tomahawk Bows truly crafts an awesome, affordable long bow.
Nick Mathews, Indiana

It started out as “one of those days”. Boots, arm guard, and tab forgotten in camp. There I sat contemplating the situation, in my trail-worn moccasins, when a HUGE waterbuck materialized out of nowhere. I slowly reached for my trusty Tomahawk “SS” and don’t even remember letting go of the string. At the end of a short blood trail, was the largest SCI waterbuck ever taken with a long bow. He’d been “T-Hawked” in true “Native Nick” fashion.
Nick Mathews, Indiana

After getting my new 70# Tomahawk™ long bow, I decided to hook up with some old friends for a whitetail hunt in Pennsylvania. It was an exciting hunt with several shot opportunities. I finally had a good opportunity on this beautiful 12-point. I was sure he would go around the brush pile and give me a 20-yard shot. But no, he walks right through it and gives me an eight-yard shot. He was slowly walking... ...I let the arrow go and it hit true. The Wensel Woodsman™ tipped Carbon Express shaft penetrated all the way through and stuck in the ground on the opposite side. After a tense tracking job, we found my trophy of a lifetime.
Thank-you Tomahawk Bows™ and Wensel Woodsman™ broadheads.
Steve Ward, Owner-All Terrain Seats

The moose hunting in British Columbia, Canada was a dream come true. Our guide, Pete McKeen called several nice bulls in for us and when this 50”, 11 X 11 came in I had to shoot quickly. My 56# Tomahawk “SS” came through. He was quartering away and in an instant, I picked my spot, swung with him and released. Instantly the arrow was buried to the fletching. In no time the big bull was down.
Give my Tomahawk Bows a try, they’ll “Get ‘er done”.
Dale Karch, Owner 3Rivers Archery

I was hunting elk when this big black bear charged! I saw her eyes lock on mine and she came at me full bore. I knew I had to do something NOW! She was going to kill me. At ten feet I shot. That one shot stopped the charge. I was using my 68# Tomahawk Thunderstorm, a tapered cedar arrow that I built myself, and a Magnus vented 125 broadhead.
Without Faith in God and faith in my bow, I don't know if I could have faced the charge. Praise God!
Lonnie VanScoder, OH

I took my first big game animal with a bow on my 46th birthday. A beautiful 48 1/2" kudu bull that I took with my 46# Tomahawk "SS" named, "The African Queen". Under pressure, and on film I shot a perfect arrow. My Tomahawk Bow drove the Wensel Woodsman completely through the 1000# kudu. I couldn't be happier with my kudu, my impressive 46# Tomahawk "SS", or my deadly Wensel Woodsman broadheads.
Sandie Karch, Owner 3Rivers Archery

This is what I am T'Hawkin' about! Love the bow!
But I don't think this Montana goat thought much of it!

Len Rinke, Team T-Hawk Member

Dear Dale, I wanted to drop a note to you to tell you thank you for the continued great service from your company. Back in January, I made the decision to switch to a longbow. I put a lot of thought into it, looking at various different bowyers and bows. I chose to go with "The Best of the Best". I sent several emails to Dean at 3Rivers Archery for advice in picking out my bow. He was very helpful, and patient with my endless questions about limb length, draw weights, and arrow set-ups. In the end, with Dean's help, I picked out a 58 inch Tomahawk Diamond Series SS (takedown model) at 60 lbs. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas while my bow was on order. It finally arrived in March. I was so impressed with the feel of the bow in my hand. SUCH a difference from shooting recurves. I really liked how it felt so light in my hand. Too anxious to wait to get to the range, I went out to the back yard and shot a few dozen arrows into the garage bag. I thought, "I must be having a really "ON" day". The arrows were going right where I was looking. "I'm not that good...must be having an "ON" day. I'm in the groove." I told myself. I couldn't wait to get to the range to try it out. It turns out, our archery club started a "Traditional Only" shoot once a month. Gives the traditional guys a chance to get out there and shoot the field course together, without the chattering of the compound shooters trying to get us to join the dark side. My first day at the range with the Tomahawk was on the day of our Traditional Only shoot. I was nervous about shooting a new bow in a club shoot. I had only shot a few dozen arrows at the garage bag earlier that week. Well, I went anyway. 18 people showed up for the Traditional Only shoot that day. Only one other shooter had a longbow. Well, Dale, I have to tell you, those arrows still went right where I was looking. I was almost giddy. One target after another, I kept asking myself, "am I really this good? I must be having an "On" day." Guess what? I won the shoot that day. The guy that writes the club newsletter even called me at home the following week to confirm I shot a longbow, because my score was so much higher than the other shooters. Man, I was having an "ON" day. Dale, the best part of the story, is that I keep having "ON" days with the Tomahawk. We just recently had our April "Traditional Only" club shoot and the Tomahawk scored again, sending arrows right where I was looking. I beat the pack the second month in a row, and even upped my score over last month. Now everyone wants to check out the Tomahawk.
So, THANK YOU. For your great bows, and for your team's great customer support. It just keeps getting better.
All the best,
Brian Piccioni, California

In April of 2003 I got my first Tomahawk longbow. It was an “SS”. I had wanted one for 1 1/2 years. When I finally got it, I wasn’t disappointed. You pull back the string and it almost shoots itself. I love it!
I shot compounds for 7-8 years and then I got a 65# Bear Kodiak Magnum. When I started shooting the recurve I never shot the compound again. Once I started shooting my Tomahawk, I put the recurve away. I did pick up that old Browning recurve for bowfishing though. My Tomahawk is my baby, it’s not gonna be banged around in the boat!
Even my brother wants one now that he’s shot mine. All I did was put silencers on it. I don’t get to shoot much but when I do, I’m right back on. I practice at 30 yards. Not planning to hunt at that distance, but to keep sharp. I’m sold on ‘em. I’d recommend them to anyone.
Henny Hendrickson, Indiana

Dear Dale,

Just a short note to tell you how much I have enjoyed the Desert Fox Longbow
I purchased from 3Rivers Archery a few years ago.

Of all the longbows I have owned and shot over the past 30 years this bow has outperformed them all. In fact, I have not hunted with any of my other bows since. It performs as well now after shooting hundreds of arrows as it did the first day out.
R.D. Gattis, Arkansas

I recently bought a Diamond Tomahawk SS. It is an awesome shooter! I've owned Palmers, Big Horns, Check Mates, and Quinns and I think the SS shoots smoother than all of them. Right now I have a really heavy arrow, 715 grains. I pull a 65# 62" SS and it shoots 175-180 ft/sec. I'm going to take some weight out of my arrow and try to get it down to 600 and see how it shoots. I'm shooting a full length GT 79/95 with 125 grain point, 100 grains behind the insert and a 3 grain/inch CX weight tube. My other bows don't come near it. The closest to the SS in smoothness, speed and shoot ability I'd have to say is my Palmer. But my Palmer is only 52#. My Quinn is smooth and fast, but it can't catch my SS.

Good luck and good shooting.

Edward Vargas, Texas